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contact information

Band Address: 5th Floor, Block F, Xinfa Huirong Plaza, No. 26 Hefeng Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

Contact information:

Official account: Wuxi Symphony Orchestra

Public Performers Recruitment of Wuxi Symphony Orchestra

  Current Openings  

Ÿ  Concertmaster: 1 person

Ÿ  First Violin: 2 persons

Ÿ  Second Violin: 1 person

Ÿ  Viola: 1 person

Ÿ  Cello: 2 persons

Ÿ  Principal Oboe: 1 person

Ÿ  Trumpet: 1 person

Ÿ  Assistant Conductor: 1 person



  Appication Prerequisites  

  1. The recruitment by the Wuxi Symphony Orchestra is global-oriented; there is no restriction on nationality, region, gender or age of candidates.
  2. The applicants must adhere to the Constitution and Laws of the People's Republic of China, and have good character.
  3. The applicants should have a degree or an equivalent qualification to Chinese Bachelor's Degree.
  4. Applicants should have professional qualities and skills required by the symphony orchestra.
  5. We value that you have good experience and qualifications in the symphony. The priority will be given to those with one year or more of experience playing symphony orchestras;
  6. The applicants need to provide the recommendation letters as proof.
  7. The applicants should have good physical health that meets the standards of physical examination.
  8. The applicants should have a good work ethic and team spirit.
  9. In principle, the recruitment deadline for this year is the end of 2024. If the staff is fully recruited during this period, the recruitment will be terminated.


  How to Apply  

Please include:

1. Application Form (Wuxi Symphony Orchestra Audition Application Form.docx)

2. Degree Certificate (Electronic Form)

3. A 15 minute personal performance video or link. (This is your preliminary audition, and there is no content restrictions of your instrumental performance.)


** Please pack and compress the registration form and required materials, and upload them as attachments to our E-mail: The file name should be named: candidate's name+instrument+2024 candidate performer.

*Video requirements: One take over, we only accept one video. Editing and post-production are not allowed. The video requires MP4 format. The performer's face and performance must be clearly visible through video. The naming format for video file names is unified as: name+instrument+2024 job application video.


 Recruitment Process 

  1. The expert group of the Wuxi syphony orchestra will screen the applicant's video, the successful candidate will enter the final audition. 
  2. We will send an invitation to the candidates who have already passed.
  3. The final audition will be arranged in Wuxi Xinwu District government service center theater(Wuxi Symphony Orchestra rehearsal Hall, No.28, Zhenze Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi, China)
  4. We will inform those who pass the exam to go to the designated hospital for physical examination within the specified time, and conduct political examination on the candidates.
  5. Wuxi Symphony Orchestra Co., Ltd. will sign a labor contract with the candidates who pass all examinations.


**After employment, the band will provide competitive salaries and benefits in the industry, create a warm and enterprising work environment, and strive to make performers feel at home with the band.


**Wuxi Symphnoy Orchestra Co., Ltd reserves the right of final interpretation of this recruitment notice.